Feel completely reawakened, excited and, joyful as you realign with your purpose and truth while discovering your personal flow.

This will be a time and place in your life where you'll get to explore curiosity, adventure, playfulness, freedom, and the ability to just be.

In this space of expansiveness you will be able to see those things that aren't serving you such as: situations, people, emotions, and limiting beliefs. With these things brought to the surface, you will have the opportunity to let them go (woo hoo!) and create space for the new.
About Coach Yari

Yarixa Ferrao, a.k.a. Coach Yari, is a world renowned motivational, inspirational, and empowering fitness personality featured on multiple TV and media such as MTV, CNN Espanol, CNN Latino, Azteca America, Univision, Fitness Rx Radio, Womanʼs Day Magazine, and The Performance Nutrition Show.

In a weight loss industry thatʼs overly focused on stress and extremes, Coach Yari, an inspired innovator known for her amazing body transformations in a 13+ year career, offers The SoulBody Method, a very Freeing, Soulful and Everlasting approach that replaces the current Enslaving & Restricting traditional weight loss and body shaping programs without calorie counting, harsh dieting or excessive exercise!

Her highly effective and unique soulful solutions to weight release brings a direct, easy-to-follow path to drop unwanted pounds, not just for a day or a month, but for an entire lifetime. Her signature program, the Soul Body Method, ignites an inner fire and innate rhythm that allows your body to quickly let go of the weight thatʼs not serving and locks you into a vibrancy that unleashes an inner strength, a radiant confidence that shines through and a hot smokinʼ body to go with it!

Let me show you what it feels like to
  • Feel free, and be free
  • Fully release the stress in your life and really relax
  • Reignite the fun, excitement, magic, and play in you
  • Connect fully with yourself
  • Become more aligned with who you are

On this week long retreat, weʼll show you a holistic approach to tail life. Youʼll get a chance to relax, renew your energy, and align your body, mind, and spirit.

As our personal guest, youʼll spend the weekend with us me learning and experiencing cutting-edge approaches to holistic health.

Weʼre going to integrate:
  • My unique fitness training, including neurology based and energy movements including neurology based and energy movements with relaxing yoga breath work
  • massage
  • meditation
  • and some extra surprises into your vacation so you can figure out how to get the most out of yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually.
Join me in a comforting, sacred and beautiful Japanese-Style home with the view of the black sand, sun, ocean and nature all around where you will sleep soundly and wake up peacefully with a smile on your face. Youʼll be eating food that is organic, nourishing, healing for your body.

The delicious meals will be prepared by a professional chef in which you will have the choices that are perfectly in tune with you to feel in full vibrancy- whether you vibe more with vegetarian meals or are more of a protein type, weʼre providing it.
One night a few months ago I had a dream
about swimming with dolphins.

Maybe you've had that dream, too?

It wasnʼt a normal dream, cause it felt so real - I could see it, touch and play with the dolphins, and smell the ocean. the dream it was truly magical, spiritual, joyful, and I experienced a sense of unshakable peace. I was even able to communicate with the dolphins telepathically and they gave me messages that I needed to hear for my spiritual growth. I didnʼt wake up knowing what those messages were, but I knew that it wasn't just a dream, but a sign of something that was going to manifest itself.

The next day I found my friend Kim had posted an OPPORTUNITY to swim with wild dolphins in Hawaii, where she lives and is in constant play and contact with them.

When You Get the Sign, Take the Opportunity

One thing I know after doing it almost all my life is to follow my gut, my heart, and my highest excitement even if it may not seem logical or seems like too crazy of an idea because when I do, every-time, it unfolds in the most beautiful way possible and opens up new possibilities and opportunities I would not have had otherwise.

When I said Yes to myself - to going after this wildly crazy beautiful dream, in an instant, the universe opened up for me and rearranged itself with greater ease than I could have imagined to support me in making this dream become a reality.

Within 1 week, I was on a flight to Hawaii and about to experience my actual dream.

Just Like Fairy Tales, Magic Happens -
When YOU take the chance

This experience is beyond what words could express- the best way I could explain it is: I felt unconditional love, I was in love with everyone and everything, no care in the world, full on ecstasy and freedom, and things that were not serving me were brought up to the surface so I can let go and live, love, and laugh even more freely! They joy I felt was so big, the entire universe could not contain it! I found such peace in the simplicity of every moment that no money or material thing in the world could ever compare. I was so present and in the moment - that's what they call the "Aloha" in Hawaii. Now I understand. (You canʼt truly know it, till you experience it) The energy there is like no other and actually I now know why Hawaii is the Heart Chakra of the World.

And the Dolphins, Gosh, wow, magical, peaceful, healing, and yes this is actually proven that they are healing.

Fun Fact: They also use 20% of their brain, the only animal that does and exceeds what we humans are capable of and their frequency is that of unconditional love so when you are in their space, that's all you feel. Fears & worries disappear. They help bring you into alignment of who you truly are!

Now, this is Your Chance... the opportunity you have been longing for.

While I was there, I got a download from the universe! EVERYONE DESERVES to LIVE the MAGIC and that Means it includes YOU! Thatʼs why we created the Soul Discovery Retreat -I felt inspired and compelled to give you the opportunity to LIVE this sparkly, fairy dust, glittery, and soulful experience and Kim was on board feeling the same way!

We believe this came up so clearly because the majority of us work too much, stress too much, have created so many responsibilities for ourselves that we forget to breathe and remember what truly matters in life! This will be an opportunity of self exploration, discovery, adventure, fun, play, and pure freedom to just BE!

The gentle waters will hold you, the sun will shine through you, the dolphins will activate you, the shamanic sound healing will burst open any limitations and fill you with peace and comfort, your body will feel alive and free in ecstatic dance and your soul will bathe in ecstasy as we all celebrate your divine self.
Your Dream Vacation is Here!

Finally, Discover True Freedom and
Profound Peace

- Coach Yari
What You Can Expect

Dates of the retreat will be May 1-7, 2016 during the full moon, the time of letting go and the time the dolphins most often frequent the bays for personal encounters!

Still have questions on this retreat? Here is the itinerary, day by day, of what youʼll experience on this retreat:

Arrival Sunday, May 1 in Beautiful Hawaii
  • Welcome circle
  • Dinner
  • Exploration circle talk where we are at and where we want to go... creating a collage and exploring vision boards.
Monday, May 2
  • Light Breakfast
  • Dolphin swim or if no dolphins physical movement energy work on the beach.
  • Lunch
  • Rest/integrate/social
  • EFT Tapping with Michael Aloha
    EFT breathes fresh air into the healing process by borrowing from the Chinese meridian system. While acupuncture, acupressure and the like have been primarily focused on physical ailments, EFT stands back from this ancient process and points it also at emotional issues. These, in turn,often provide benefits for performance and physical issues. EFT combines the physical benefits of acupuncture with the cognitive benefits of conventional therapy for a much faster, more complete treatment of emotional issues, and the physical and performance issues that often result.
  • Dinner
  • Integrating the new you through physical expression in Ecstatic Dance
    Ecstatic Dance in its most basic definition is free-form movement /dance inspired by music, allowing our bodies to move freely without judgment or concern for the "grace" or beauty of the dance. This is the dance you dance when nobody is watching! This dance is an inner/outer journey of moving meditation. It develops a direct body-spirit connection, letting your body and inner guide be your teachers. It's about being present with your own energy and discovering your own dance within using this movement and energetic experience to release stuck patterns in your body, emotions, mind and spirit. No dance experience or partner is necessary. It's a perfect outlet for those who think they "can't dance" and for experienced dancers alike. It is free-form, not a structured dance. It is also not a social dance. It is an environment without observers or conversation, where you can feel safe to try new things and really push your envelope. It is lightly facilitated with invitations to explore movement with specific areas of the body and to explore larger themes as a whole through your movement. Much of the time it is an open dance floor for you to explore different rhythms, patterns of movement and your inner journey.

Tuesday, May 3

  • Light breakfast
  • Dolphin swim and meditation on the beach...snorkeling
  • Lunch
  • Traditional Hawaiian ceremony with Pono
    A Kahuna is a Keeper of Wisdom also called Hawaiian Shaman. The Rituals & Ceremonies are still practiced in todayʼs modern World. The Hawaiians have a strong connection to the aina - Land and of the Moana or KaʼI ‒Ocean, so itʼs all intertwined in Ceremony. We will meet at a Historical Places and Place of strong MANA ‒ power to perform traditional rituals and ceremony.
  • Dinner
  • Fire Circle
    We will sit in circle around the fire, opening sacred space, allowing us to tap into our bodies,minds, and thoughts...scanning ourselves and seeing what it is we are ready to let go of. We will consciously let go of this using the fire.

Wednesday, May 4

  • Light breakfast
  • Dolphin swim/or physical movement/energy work
  • Lunch
  • Bringing in the dolphin essence, listening to the wild dolphinʼs messages
    This will begin with an open conversation about the dolphins and the gifts they bring us, gifts that allow us to truly live our lives in joy and happiness. We will then go through a guided meditation and experience the dolphinʼs energy on land.
  • Dinner
  • Shamanic Sound healing with Dorina and Maika
    Shamanic Sound Healing is an ancient art that has been practiced by most cultures around the world. It has been used in many way to transform the states of inner being through the sound waves that carry powerful frequencies and rhythms that effect the body, mind and emotions at the deepest levels within us. Shamanic indigenous cultures have used sound for many thousands of years as a medium to lead people into deep altered trance states to relax the mind and allow the body to balance and heal itself in the harmonics of various sounds. With the focus and intention of healing, sound becomes a tool for powerfully influencing the functions of the body and emotions to release stuck energy and heal at every level of being. A session includes various sound healing instruments to attune, clear and recalibrate the body back into a harmonic balance for deep relaxation, stress relief, healing, personal awareness and self empowerment. We will be immersed in a sonic bath of sound for one and a half hours.

Thursday, May 5

  • Light breakfast
  • Dolphin swim/or physical movement on the beach
  • Lunch
  • Living your dream
    Recognizing and Letting go of fears that are prohibiting you to live your true life!
  • Psychic readings/card readings
  • Dinner
  • Gathering circle, reflections

Friday, May 6

  • Dolphin swim and under water photo shoot
    Continuing the theme of letting go and feeling free...Allow the water to take you on a journey of self expression as we capture it on film.
  • Lunch
  • Rest relaxation
  • Nature Mandalas
    Using natureʼs materials, we will create beautiful visions and dreams...we will allow natureʼs energy guide us on which materials to use and where to place them...as we sit around the art work in circle, we will all individually reflect on the beauty and share our personal story on what the mandala is telling us.
  • Dinner on the beach for fire dance/hula show

Saturday, May 7

  • Breakfast
  • Closing circle, reflections, final vision board/collage
    You'll leave with a written statement of new clarity, vision, and soul path
  • Lunch
  • Departure

About Kimberly Nelli

Kimberly Nelli has spent her life pursuing her happiness and dreams.  After receiving a degree in communications she felt inspired to work with animals.  As she embarked on her education in veterinary medicine she felt a shift inside...to work closely with humans.  Her love for fitness and nutrition encouraged her decision to work as a personal trainer at the Four Season Sports Club LA.  This is where she first met Coach Yari.

She received great pleasure in working with people to reach their fitness goals and soon started her own business in exercise and health coaching.

A couple of years later she was expecting her first child and felt drawn to natural childbirth.  She attended the International School of Midwifery and shifted her business to focus on expecting and new mothers. A surprise pregnancy two years later took her on another adventure that will never be forgotten.  About 5 months into her pregnancy she felt a deep desire to be and birth with wild dolphins.

With her open heart and deep trust she and her son moved to Hawaii when she was 7 months pregnant.  There they swam with the dolphins almost daily and created a documentary, Naiya: Journey Into Life...a dolphin inspired home birth. 

She spent every day in the ocean with her children connecting and being with the wild dolphins.  She has since created a strong telepathic connection with them.  After almost a year after arriving in Hawaii she was inspired to invite others to join her on these epoch dolphin experiences.  She started filming these interactions and it became more clear to her, the power and healing of the dolphin/human interaction.

This is how Coach Yari and Kim reunited almost a decade later...in Hawaii's beautiful oceans with the wild spinner dolphins.

Kim currently offers dolphin swims, dolphin videography/photography, and dolphin readings.

Join Coach Yari in beautiful Hawaii for a
Soul Discovery Retreat

May 1-7, 2016
This complete journey includes:
  • 7 days, 6 nights in a beautiful Japanese bungalow ($2000)
  • All meals included- Breakfast, lunch, dinner ($700)
  • Swimming with the dolphins and experiencing the movement of the ocean ($1000)
  • EFT Tapping workshop class to release your hidden blocks and performance issues ($250)
  • Ecstatic Dancing class to experience your body moving freely without judgment or concern ($199)
  • Shamanic Sound Healing to program new frequencies and rhythms to improve your body, mind and emotions ($300)
  • Breath Work ($150)
  • Neurological Exercises and Signature workouts taught by Coach Yari to be able to rewire the pathways and create a better map for optimal movement, strength and performance ($500)
  • A Performance kind of Tai-Chi (Meditative Movement) ($199)
  • Guided Meditation on the Beach ($199)
  • Daily Mentorship Circles
  • Experiencing traditional Hawaiian culture (priceless)

Hereʼs why you need to decide now:

There are only 4 rooms available for the May 2016 retreat. If this is something you feel connected to sign up and reserve your spot now for just $350!